Insuring a Travel Agency- The Importance of Errors and Omissions Coverage

If you run a travel agency, it is very important to have Professional Liability insurance – what, in the industry, we call “E&O,” or Errors and Omissions.

Now, we know you’re a professional, and that you do your absolute best to make sure every one of your clients gets the very best service possible. But, well, we all make mistakes. E&O coverage is what can save you in some sticky situations. For example, what happens if you make travel arrangements for a wedding party on the wrong date and it isn’t discovered until just before the party needs to travel? Or, if you book an adventure excursion like caving for a group and someone gets injured and sues you?

E&O protects you against these and other risks, and protects your business and your livelihood, as well as your reputation. Be sure to have a conversation with your independent insurance agent about Professional Liability insurance. You DON’T want to find out you don’t have this when you discover a mistake has been made.

Staff Writer
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