Home Inventory

Do you know the value of all of the items in your home? Do you keep meticulous files of receipts, warranties, and owners’ manuals? Do you remember the brand and model of every piece of electronics in your home?

We didn’t think so.
And even if you DO have those files, if you had a catastrophic event in your home such as a fire or tornado, there is a chance your well-kept filing system could be lost or destroyed.
So what should you do to protect yourself and your family, and the valuable assets you’ve accumulated through hard work?
The Insurance Information Institute  has free online home inventory softwarethat you can use to track the items in your home, their purchase date and value, and their replacement value. There are also free iPhone and Android apps if you prefer to store data that way.






Having an inventory of items, from appliances to furniture, to art and jewelry, can help you and your insurance agent determine the proper level of coverage for your home and its contents, and can help you file a claim quickly should it be necessary.
Staff Writer