Land of 10,000 Lakes

Photo courtesy J.Harveland

The sun is shining, temps are getting warmer, and you’re itching to get that boat out of storage and into the water. We are so lucky here in Minnesota to have an abundance of places to enjoy water recreation. We protect your family with insurance, but we want to remind you that the protection you offer is even more important.

Know the rules and regulations when you are on the water. Teach them to your kids. Wear a life jacket. Obey speed and wake limits. Don’t drink and drive. Respect people, wildlife, and property. They are all pretty straightforward, and most of us know them. However, there are some rules that people may be unaware of – like the ones that prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species like Zebra Mussels, and those governing tubing and knee- or wakeboarding.
In the interest of keeping everyone safe, we thought it might be helpful to share one source of information regarding boating. The Minnesota DNR has an online brochure with rules and regulations for boat licenses, operations and safety tips for many water activities. You can find that brochure here.
There really is nothing like a Minnesota summer. Getting through a hard winter makes us want to enjoy every minute of the warm weather while it lasts. Doing so safely benefits all of us. Whether you are riding a personal watercraft, fishing, canoeing, or taking a pontoon tour of the lake, have fun and be safe!
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