Does Your Insurance Agent Ask the Right Questions?

One of the reasons to have a real live insurance agent, rather than just do business with a computer, is that an agent can help you find coverage that actually covers you.  Because your agent will (should) take the time to get to know you, she can spot gaps that you may not find just filling out a form on a computer program.
Here are a couple of examples from our office.
Some good friends (and clients) of ours came in recently.  We found out that since the last time we’d talked, the wife had gotten a promotion which allowed her to work from home.  Because she didn’t have to commute to the office every day any more, the chances of her getting into an accident went down, and that meant we could find them some savings on their car insurance payments.
In another case, we were talking to a couple we insure.  They were getting rid of one of their cars, because his job came with full time use of the company truck.  But guess what?  While his employers coverage would protect him if he got into an accident on company time,  if he had gotten into a wreck while he was not on the clock- no coverage.  Even a small accident in that case could have ended up costing this couple a LOT of money.  For a very small amount of money, we were able to expand their coverage so that he had protection behind the wheel 24/7.






The moral?  Well, it’s never a bad idea to have a conversation with your agent.  If you haven’t talked to your agent lately, make the time…it could help a lot.
Staff Writer
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