Keep The Heat On!

Thinking about saving a little money while you’re away by turning off your heat? DON’T.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty much at the point where,  if we hear the words “Polar Vortex” again this year, we might just be tempted to start kicking our wastepaper basket around the office.
It’s has been a cold, cold, cold year here in Rochester, MN  and as this blog entry is being written, it looks like we’ve got at least a few more days of chill to get through.  Getting away to someplace warm for a few days is looking more and more like a real good idea!
Most homeowners who are used to this climate know better, but surprisingly, some don’t and when they leave their home, they are tempted to turn their heat off in an effort to save money and/or conserve energy.
That’s a bad idea.  Low heat in this climate can lead to broken pipes and other damage to your home.  If you’re going to be away, it’s probably a good idea to leave the thermostat at around sixty degrees.  It also helps to open up cabinet doors around sinks or showers.  This ensures that the heat reaches these pipes as well.
It’s not so much a question of whether your insurance would cover the damage.  If your Independent Insurance Agent has done their job correctly, then you have good coverage.
But the best insurance in the world is not going to save you the days, weeks, and maybe even months it takes to put things right after a bad case of broken water pipes.  We’ve even known cases where mold has taken hold in the home, and the entire dwelling has had to be pulled down to the frame and rebuilt.
It’s a headache you don’t need…so please, keep the heat on.

If you are a landlord, then please take the extra step of making sure your tenants understand this as well.  Some tenants, such as students, may not be as well versed in these matters and might make a mistake that causes you a lot of extra work.
Staff Writer
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