Preventing Frozen Pipes

This winter, much of the country has experienced extremely cold temperatures. Living in Minnesota, we know that the cold is not just uncomfortable, but it can be dangerous — to us, our cars, our pets — and our homes!
Many people ended up dealing with record-breaking cold and on top of that, frozen pipes that burst and caused water damage. That is an inconvenience and mess that no one wants to deal with, so we thought we’d try to help you prevent frozen pipes in the future by sharing some tips from the American Red Cross.  The article covers topics such as why pipes freeze, how to prevent frozen pipes, preventive action to take, how to thaw frozen pipes, and tips to prevent it from happening again.
We hope this will help keep you from dealing with the same trouble, or help you take steps to keep it from recurring.
Read the article “Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes” and watch for signs of spring. We all could sure use a little warm weather right now.


Staff Writer
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