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Last weekend, the staff at Fortress got invited to an industry event up in the Twin Cities.  The invitation said it was “black tie,” but, well, we’re really not “black tie” kind of folks- we generally feel a little more comfortable in more down-to-earth, casual clothes. In fact, nobody who works in our company owns a tuxedo (and if they did, they wouldn’t admit it). So, we scrubbed up, put on regular ties and sports coats and, frankly, that was fancy enough for us.
Later , we were sitting around, brainstorming about blog topics, and we got talking about a couple of customers who came to us recently.  They were coming to Rochester from far away (as in, like, South Africa far away).  As is common in our town, they were moving here because they’d gotten jobs, and that meant that they had to “hit the ground running”.  In other words, they didn’t have time to arrive, shop for a home, find a car, look for the best insurance coverage, etc. etc.  They needed to have those things in place, before they arrived.
Their realtor hooked them up with us, and even though they were 7 time zones away and on a different continent, we were able to present them with some different coverage options, send them the policy over the internet, speak with them as necessary, and, in the case of their car (which they were hoping to have waiting for them when they arrived) make sure that their proof of insurance arrived at the dealer so that the sale could go through without a hitch. We basically were able to do the whole thing without meeting them in person (which was too bad, because over the phone, they seemed like nice folks).

And that’s when it hit us…we really SHOULD own some tuxedos. ‘Cause you know, we’re kind of like Insurance Concierges.  Our job is to help people find the coverage they need, and to do it easily, in such a way that the customer is pleased, but doesn’t even know how much effort we took on their behalf.

Hometown friendliness, black tie service!  (I bet that slogan’s taken- oh well.  See you next week!)

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