Car Insurance or Cow Insurance?

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Okay, so we were sitting around the office the other day, discussing our clients to make sure they were covered in certain situations. 
This got us thinking about some of the really WEIRD insurance stuff that happens. What was the weirdest thing anybody ever claimed? Our curiosity got the better of us and we did exactly what YOU would have done; we headed off the internet (this was during our lunch hour, of course) to see what we could find.
We found an article about a guy who shot his own truck, and one about a newspaper who was sued because it misprinted a recipe causing donuts to explode in the faces of homemakers. But our favorite was the story of the cow that FELL on a car.
But the thing is, this is the INTERNET.  Just because it’s online, doesn’t mean it’s true.  Before you go spreading stories, you owe it to humanity to find a reliable source.
Could such a thing REALLY happen? Could a cow fall on a car?  So we went looking, and found a story filed by the Associated Press (we’re prepared to take them at face value).   In 2002, the AP reported that, as an Austrian woman emerged from a tunnel, she was injured by a cow that had wandered from a mountainside on to the tunnel’s flat roof.
So, we had our verification. A cow truly HAD fallen on a car.  However, the story WE were looking for happened not in Europe, but in the U.S.  And sure enough, a little more digging confirmed (again, by a story from the AP) that a minivan full of family was squashed by a cow who fell from a cliff next to the road.
And that WAS a surprise, because apparently, there is more than one TRUE falling cow story out there.
So, what do TWO falling cows prove? We figure it proves you’d be
 (…wait for it…)
UDDERLY silly not to have a good insurance agent.  Moo.
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