A tale of two clients, two deer, and two very different results.

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If you believe all the lizards and the odd insurance company checkout girls you see on TV, then it would make a lot of sense to skip the middleman (in this case, your friendly neighborhood insurance agent) and buy your insurance directly from the carrier.
Actually, there are a lot of good reasons not to cut your agent out of the loop…but one of the most important is service.
Consider this tale of two clients.   Both of them hit a deer with their car.  Both of their cars suffered serious damage necessitating an insurance claim.  But from here, their stories diverge.
Client A worked directly with her own insurance carrier. It seemed pretty straightforward: she needed an insurance adjuster to come out, look at the car, fill out the paperwork and get the claim started. 
It seemed simple, but it turned into a TWO WEEK game of phone tag while her car sat un-repaired.
there are a lot of good reasons not to cut your agent out of the loop …but one of the most important is service.
Client B was on vacation when he hit a deer.  Instead of calling his carrier, he called his friendly neighborhood insurance agent (who, as it happened, was our very own Mark Westerman here at Fortress Insurance.)
Mark set up a conference call between Fortress, the client, and the insurance carrier. In that ONE phone call we were able to get the client into have the car looked at, we set the client up with a rental so that he could continue his vacation, and ultimately we had the client back in his car in less time than it took  Client A to connect with her adjuster.
And THAT’S why it helps to have an insurance agent in your corner.  We know what can, and can’t reasonably be done, and we’re working for you.
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