Ready Or Not: Disasters happen.

A story in the Rochester Post Bulletin on January 4th might just represent every business owner’s worst nightmare.  At three in the morning, a business owner was shocked by the sound of the warehouse next to his home exploding.   While firefighters were able to save the man’s house, they could not save the warehouse.   Inside, according to the business owner, were 18,000 items he sold for clients on eBay. The Post Bulletin quoted the business owner as saying: “It makes me ill, I’m probably a million dollars short on coverage.”
“It makes me ill, I’m probably a million dollars short on coverage.”
Stories such as this are not only sad, but should stand as a stark warning to business owners.  All too often, however, we allow the size and scope of our business to outgrow our insurance coverage. 
According the US Small Business Administration, it is estimated that as many as 25% of businesses struck by disaster do not reopen following a major event.  If you’ve built a business, then you should take the steps necessary to make sure that it can survive and thrive.  The SBA has some great tips for Business Disaster Planning … and of course, it’s a good idea to meet regularly with your insurance agent to make sure that your coverage truly covers.
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