Watch Your Step(s)! The high cost of falls.

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It happens so fast. One moment, you’re standing on your porch welcoming your friends. The next? You are staring down at a pile of coats, presents, and perhaps a shattered bottle of holiday cheer they’d brought as a gift.  People hurt, a friendship in jeopardy, and all because you didn’t do a good job of sanding and salting the sidewalk.
A slip and a fall might just seem like an old gag from one of Charlie Chaplin’s silent films, but the fact is that this is one of the most common, and costly, injuries in America.  According to the National Safety Council, almost 9 million of us visit the hospital each year as the result of a slip, trip or fall.  The average cost of a slip and fall injury is estimated to be around $28,000 and up. And, of course, personal injury lawyers can have a field day in the right circumstances. By not doing everything you can do to prevent a slip and fall from happening, you could be putting yourself and your household at great risk.
But more importantly, you don’t want someone you care about injured, perhaps seriously, because you skipped something you could have taken care of.   You can protect your loved ones AND yourself by making sure that you do just a few simple things to help create a safer environment.
Clean up spills immediately. Outdoors, keep walks clear of snow and use adequate salt and sand to create a safe walking area during bad weather. Install hand rails on stairs. And keep walkways clear of cords and clutter.
Have a wonderful and safe holiday this year…and watch your step!
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