Crooks Creeping In:

Fortress Insurance

Did you know that 9% of burglars get into your house through the garage? It’s the third most popular entry point for crooks, right behind the front door and the downstairs windows. (You DO lock those, right?) A lot of people keep their remote garage doors closed, but don’t bother to close the deadbolt between the garage and the house- and a lot of times, that’s all the chance a slick thief needs.

Let’s face a fact:   Being burglarized just stinks.   Sure, you’ve got insurance. But no matter how good it is, your insurance can only compensate you for the value of what you lose; it can’t replace grandma’s wedding ring or the foul ball your son caught at the Twins game.  Plus, even in the best of situations, it takes time to return your life to normal.   
So, let’s just agree that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Keep your stuff. Lock your garage door,okay?
Staff Writer
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